TÜSN invites you to dance with a new single & tour

TÜSN bitten zum Tanz mit neuer Single & Tour
After the band and Redfield Records announced their collaboration a few days ago, TÜSN is starting their German tour next Friday. A new single from the Berlin indie band is released today in a timely and thematically appropriate manner.

TÜSN & Redfield Records announce collaboration

TÜSN & Redfield Records geben Zusammenarbeit bekannt
It is with great pleasure that the Berlin indie band TÜSN and the Lower Saxony label Redfield Records announce their collaboration. When TÜSN finally goes on tour again in May, it will also be accompanied by new music.

WATCH OUT STAMPEDE Release New EP 'Inversions'

WATCH OUT STAMPEDE Release New EP 'Inversions'

After a series of singles, the new EP by WATCH OUT STAMPEDE is out today - you can listen to it in its entirety on all digital platforms! 10 years into their career, 'Inversions' is nothing less than the musical reinvention that is representing the band's personal and musical evolution.

THE DISASTER AREA defy 'Gravity' with their new single

THE DISASTER AREA defy 'Gravity' with their new single
The metalcore shooting stars from Bavaria continue the musical concept of their chart album 'Glasshearts' and collaborate with Swedish hit producer Henrik Udd.

ALEX MOFA GANG release their new album “Night of Habit”

ALEX MOFA GANG veröffentlichen ihr neues Album „Nacht der Gewohnheit“
The long time of teasers and singles is officially over: “After the Habit”, the new, fourth album by the ALEX MOFA GANG, is now available and can be listened to anywhere and at any time!

OF COLORS for the Win with 'I Lose After All'

OF COLOURS for the Win with 'I Lose After All'
OF COLORS tease their new material with another epic banger called 'I Lose After All'. The track is an emotional tour de force that unites the voices of singer Jan and guitarist Alex.

Happy New Year

Redfield Records
As a company, we have a social and ecological responsibility and, despite all the current adversities, we are clear that in our affluent society we will always have enough to give up a part.

ALEX MOFA GANG: Before the album comes the EP

ALEX MOFA GANG: Vor dem Album kommt die EP
The new ALEX MOFA GANG album “Nacht der Habit” will be released on January 7th , 2022 . But before the thing can finally be heard in its entirety, the gang has come up with a very special incentive, namely the “Day of Exception” EP.


After the success of their new album ' Guns Against Liberty ' ANCHORS & HEARTS have reimagined two of their songs with befriended bands.

OF COLORS Shapeshift with Comeback Double Single

OF COLOURS Shapeshift with Comeback Double Single
Evolution is a factor that is conjured every time a band is coming up with a new release, even if you have to look for it with a microscope. For OF COLORS, nevertheless, this appears to be entirely different: The radically new created self is not only hearable in every note, the unwillingness to compromise and to follow nothing but their own goals, is also clearly visible in the appearance of the band.

WATCH OUT STAMPEDE Head into a New Dark Era

WATCH OUT STAMPEDE Head into a New Dark Era

There has been something cooking up in the past couple of months. It's almost like, not even one ray of light made it through the thick blanket of clouds over Bremen. After ten years into their career, German metalcore specialists WATCH OUT STAMPEDE seem to have lost every reason to smile because no one has experienced them as dark and tough as on their new EP 'Inversions'.

ALEX MOFA GANG: No giving up in the fight against the right

ALEX MOFA GANG: Kein Aufgeben im Kampf gegen Rechts
Since the shift to the left predicted by many sides has only taken place in a few election campaign speeches and it is much more the case that phenomena of the past will once again become part of our everyday life after the federal election, it is time for the ALEX MOFA GANG to take a stand against it again Available on the right.