BONY MACARONI Release Their Pop Loving Indie Punk Debut

BONY MACARONI Release Their Pop Loving Indie Punk Debut

Team Redfield is stoked to announce that 'The Big Bucks', the roaring debut album by BONY MACARONI , is finally out there for you to enjoy! The record is available on limited vinyl as well as CD. You can still grab it along with some exclusive products.

TÜSN release their new album “In the end you’re left with nothing”

TÜSN veröffentlichen ihr neues Album „Am Ende bleibt dir nichts“

“In the end, you have nothing left, nothing but love.” Finally, TÜSN’s new, third work is available in full length everywhere and invites you to dance, indulge and listen to it spellbound. The album is available in our shop , alongside an exclusive selection of merch, on limited vinyl and CD.

ALEX MOFA GANG release their new album “Night of Habit”

ALEX MOFA GANG veröffentlichen ihr neues Album „Nacht der Gewohnheit“
The long time of teasers and singles is officially over: “After the Habit”, the new, fourth album by the ALEX MOFA GANG, is now available and can be listened to anywhere and at any time!

ALEX MOFA GANG announce “Night of Habit”.

ALEX MOFA GANG kündigen „Nacht der Gewohnheit“ an
As an alternative to the title, ALEX MOFA GANG describes the new album “Nacht der Habit”, which will be released on January 7th, 2022, as a “longing collage”, which vibrates back and forth between euphoria and thoughtfulness. The perspectives and topics are more varied and gripping, but also more personal. It is a joy to hear and see how the phrase “close to life” is finally gaining meaning.


We are beyond stoked to announce that THE DISASTER AREA 's new album 'Glasshearts' is finally out today! The beautifully thought out limited CD is shipping now from our shop along with some limited merch gimmicks , while stocks last.

“Everything to zero” by MARATHONMANN now out

„Alles auf Null“ von MARATHONMANN jetzt draußen
Yeehaw! “Alles auf Null”, MARATHONMANN’s unplugged record, has finally been released. If you haven't secured a copy of the limited album yet, you should hurry up, because slowly but surely the signs point to it being sold out.

ANCHORS & HEARTS Announce 'Guns Against Liberty'

ANCHORS & HEARTS Announce 'Guns Against Liberty'
ANCHORS & HEARTS announce their new, fourth album 'Guns Against Liberty', out June 4, 2021. The band that is fusing punk rock with metalcore and turning it into a distinctive and infectious mixture, never fails to prove that emotions and political statements can go together perfectly as long as the energy is positive and open-minded.

FOR I AM KING's 'I' is Out Now! 🤘

For I Am King
Metal Shooting Stars FOR I AM KING Release One of the Most Anticipated Metal Album of the Year