Artist Submissions

There is really no need for you to send us your application and CDs in the mail. Think digital!
Save the environment and money, please send your info via email.

If you like to submit your music with decent production values, please make sure you know the bands we have released so far and check our guidelines down below.

We no longer accept applications via CD in the mail
Save the environment and money and send in your application via email to alex (at)

Tell us what you want
Please send a bio, a photo and a streaming link. Please do not blow up our mailbox by sending us attached mp3s! And it's always nice to read cover letters. It gives us an idea of ​​who you are and what exactly you want from us, so why not write us a few lines?

No demos, please
We expect finished recordings with decent production values. Do not send in any bootleg recordings from your last rehearsal, please.

Experience needed
And even though we are always looking for talented newcomers, you should have proven in the past already that you go all the way for your band and that you have gained some experience already. We consider having played at least 50 shows a good indication for that, for example.

We're sorry
We will listen to each and every demo sooner or later. We promise! But we will not be able to give feedback on each and every demo, as a large number of bands contact us every day. We know it can be frustrating, BUT: If we are interested, we will contact you!