Happy New Year

Redfield Records

As a company, we have a social and ecological responsibility and, despite all the current adversities, we are clear that in our affluent society we will always have enough to give up a part.

It is clear to us: We have been donating at least 10% of our profits or 1% of sales to a good cause for years.

It is incredibly difficult to select projects that we support financially. Fortunately, there are a large number of committed and motivated people who take on responsibility. Thank you for your commitment!

We would like to introduce the three organizations we are supporting this year. In our region, nationally and internationally.

And perhaps this can motivate other people to also make a contribution, which would make us particularly happy.

Don't let yourself get down and slide successfully into a healthy new year!

gUG environmental protection and life support
Whether flowering orchards, animal sanctuary and numerous hands-on activities: initiator Dr. Kai Behncke has been working tirelessly and committedly to protect animals, the climate and nature conservation here in Melle and in the Osnabrück district for years.

Hardcore Help Foundation
We regularly support this organization, which emerged from the punk and hardcore scene, for example with the “We Are Louder Than You” compilation. In addition to local projects around Lüdenscheid, the Hardcore Help Foundation relies on supporting people in Kenya. Clean water supply and medical care are important issues. Two bands from Redfield Records have also been there to give benefit concerts and provide active support.

terre des hommes
Founded in 1967 and based in Osnabrück, the children's aid organization protects children from slavery and exploitation, helps orphans and refugee children, looks after victims of war, violence and abuse and provides education and training for children. The goal of terre des hommes is an “Earth of humanity”.