ALEX MOFA GANG: Before the album comes the EP

The new ALEX MOFA GANG album “Nacht der Habit” will be released on January 7th, 2022. But before the thing can finally be heard in its entirety, the gang has come up with a very special incentive, namely the “Day of Exception” EP.

On “Tag der Exception” there are not only two new tracks from the new record, the brutal catchy tune “She never dances long alone” and the monumental bell “King, the Lion”, but also alternative versions of current singles, the most recent could only be heard on YouTube, have now found their way to all streaming platforms. There is the piano version of “What remains at the end”, the autotune excursion to “Arschbombe” and the atmospheric alternative to “Kein Land insicht” with pub choir support. Together with the two new songs, which once again impressively showcase the stylistic range of the new MOFA GANG work, the result is a well-rounded package - the “Day of Exception” EP.

So if the wait until January seemed too long or if you were still missing the last argument to pre-order the new album, you will definitely be helped here. There are currently even a few copies of the limited gang edition of “Night of Habit” available, it’s worth taking a look at our shop!