ALEX MOFA GANG release their new album “Night of Habit”

ALEX MOFA GANG veröffentlichen ihr neues Album „Nacht der Gewohnheit“
The long time of teasers and singles is officially over: “After the Habit”, the new, fourth album by the ALEX MOFA GANG, is now available and can be listened to anywhere and at any time!

ALEX MOFA GANG: Before the album comes the EP

ALEX MOFA GANG: Vor dem Album kommt die EP
The new ALEX MOFA GANG album “Nacht der Habit” will be released on January 7th , 2022 . But before the thing can finally be heard in its entirety, the gang has come up with a very special incentive, namely the “Day of Exception” EP.

ALEX MOFA GANG: No giving up in the fight against the right

ALEX MOFA GANG: Kein Aufgeben im Kampf gegen Rechts
Since the shift to the left predicted by many sides has only taken place in a few election campaign speeches and it is much more the case that phenomena of the past will once again become part of our everyday life after the federal election, it is time for the ALEX MOFA GANG to take a stand against it again Available on the right.

ALEX MOFA GANG do the ass bomb

ALEX MOFA GANG machen die Arschbombe

Regardless of the question of whether this was, is or perhaps still will be a real summer, the ALEX MOFA GANG enters the microcosm outdoor pool, strips down to their Speedo and jumps into the cool water - ass first. “Arschbombe” is the feel-good summer anthem of Germany's loudest pop band. The big grin set to music and the high fives directed at everyone who bursts into the pool of order and rules with a big ass bomb. "There's no running here, on the edge of the pool?" Not at all!

With ALEX MOFA GANG and “What remains at the end” through the night

Mit ALEX MOFA GANG und "Was am Ende bleibt" durch die Nacht
Even the loudest pop band in the country gets thoughtful sometimes. The second harbinger of the new ALEX MOFA GANG album corresponds exactly t...

ALEX MOFA GANG release “Fake”

Advance sales for ALEX MOFA GANG's new album have gotten off to a phenomenal start - half of the strictly limited Gang Edition is already sold out. In keeping with this, the first preview of “Night of Habit” has now been released. “Fake”, the first single from ALEX MOFA GANG's fourth album, was recorded together with the Berlin band TÜSN.

ALEX MOFA GANG announce “Night of Habit”.

ALEX MOFA GANG kündigen „Nacht der Gewohnheit“ an
As an alternative to the title, ALEX MOFA GANG describes the new album “Nacht der Habit”, which will be released on January 7th, 2022, as a “longing collage”, which vibrates back and forth between euphoria and thoughtfulness. The perspectives and topics are more varied and gripping, but also more personal. It is a joy to hear and see how the phrase “close to life” is finally gaining meaning.

R#31 special episode with Sascha Hörold from the Alex Mofa Gang

R#31 Spezialfolge mit Sascha Hörold von der Alex Mofa Gang
The opening episode of the special week (with a daily episode) on the current situation in the music industry reports on musicians without gigs, crew members without jobs and how a band had to quickly turn their annual plan upside down.

ALEX MOFA GANG: Together with Sebastian Madsen for a good cause

ALEX MOFA GANG: Zusammen mit Sebastian Madsen für den guten Zweck

Just in time for the start of the tour on November 8th, the ALEX MOFA GANG is doing it again. “Jet Hunter feat. Sebastian Madsen” is not just a single with the prominent singer from MADSEN, but rather a benefit campaign for ProAsyl. All proceeds are donated to the aid organization.

ALEX MOFA GANG: Official anthem for the festival summer 🎸☀️🤘🍻⛺️

ALEX MOFA GANG: Offizielle Hymne zum Festivalsommer 🎸☀️🤘🍻⛺️
In recent months , ALEX MOFA GANG have not only released their most successful album to date with “Ende offen”, but also experienced the most su...

'End Open' released

'Ende offen' released
With “Ende offen” ALEX MOFA GANG tear their protagonist and their fans away from everyday life - all signs point to a new beginning. The far too loud pop band with punk roots continues their journey on their third album. This takes place not only in the form of records on plates and guitars on stages, but also in the form of a story, the first album trilogy of which is now getting its final part.

ALEX MOFA GANG “Behind the Facades” Single & Video

ALEX MOFA GANG „Hinter den Fassaden“ Single & Video
ALEX MOFA GANG have released “Behind the Facades”, the second appetizer from their album “Ende Offen”, which will be released in June. The accompanying video not only shows the nighttime facades of Berlin from the perspective of a taxi driver, it also has a surprising twist at the end of the clip!