WATCH OUT STAMPEDE Release New EP 'Inversions'

After a series of singles, the new EP by WATCH OUT STAMPEDE is out today - you can listen to it in its entirety on all digital platforms! Click here for shop, links and more info.

10 years into their career, 'Inversions' is nothing less than the musical reinvention that is representing the band's personal and musical evolution.

In a scene where too many are just swimming with the tide, it was time for WATCH OUT STAMPEDE to distance themselves a bit and stress their individuality: “German metalcore is moving towards a very constant direction: Everything is glossy, clean and perfect. AND YES, this meant us as well. But we're no longer seeing ourselves fitting into that box,” WATCH OUT STAMPEDE singer Andreas 'Ando' Hildebrandt sums it up.

On top of all that, the band has released a video for the track 'Black' that's perfectly demonstrating the new rough energy.