ALEX MOFA GANG announce “Night of Habit”.

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“Don’t write about things you have no idea about.” The musician Detlef Hörold once gave this sentence to his sons Sascha and Gregor and even many years later, the brothers and the rest of the ALEX MOFA GANG are still writing and composing this maxim. STOP, MOOOMENT! Isn't everything about the loudest pop band in the country basically about its protagonist ALEX MOFA? Well, it's time to take a step forward. As an alternative to the title, ALEX MOFA GANG describes the new album “Nacht der Habit”, which will be released on January 7th, 2022, as a “longing collage”, which vibrates back and forth between euphoria and thoughtfulness. The perspectives and topics are more varied and gripping, but also more personal. In other words: The gang is no longer hiding in Alex's shadow, but is confidently putting itself in the front row - and therefore on the cover. It's a joy to hear and see how the phrase "close to life" finally gains meaning on "Night of Habit".

After the story about the helmet-wearing hero, which was spun in the early days of the ALEX MOFA GANG and was told as part of a trilogy of albums, on the fourth album we find out in real time what Alex and his gang are doing. Personalities, speakers and characters increasingly merge with each other, so that the band is ultimately Alex Mofa and Alex Mofa is the band. On “Night of Habit” the plots run parallel, they overlap and influence each other, because life - like every good series - also has different storylines. Because even while the world is in a major (meaning) crisis, there are other construction sites (“No Country”) that have not simply disappeared just because someone says so (“Fake”). In the same way, in the midst of geopolitical problems, we take care of people who are close to us (“Madeleine”), relationships arise or fail (“What remains in the end”) and ultimately we are all just looking forward to the moment when we finally have one again can make a fat “ass bomb” into the swimming pool (of life). The play on words and the title “Night of Habit” once again alludes to the diversity of our stories and desires: to how much of what makes our lives worth living takes place in the evening and at night. Be it the concert that gives us euphoria, an attitude to life and community, but also the carefree meeting and the intimacy that can only arise in the darkness. All of this should be a habit in life, it is currently, but also in general, a peculiarity, which unfortunately one becomes aware of again and again.

The fact that “Night of Habit” is not only personal and immediate in terms of content, but also musically, is due to the fact that ALEX MOFA GANG took the production into their own hands for the first time, including building their own studio, and the album with the help of their team also accompanied them on tour and realized it. Inspired by the release of the first live album ("End open - live", Redfield Records, 2020), the goal was clearly defined: to make one's own music "physically tangible" in order to get closer to the live feeling of a concert. “First and foremost, we wanted to be responsible for the album down to the last detail. Not because we are so horny, but because we are so curious and want to break new ground. In general: designing a room acoustically, building a studio, the technical implementation. The main reason was to get the whole recording situation as close to the concerts as possible. “We wanted an album that we could then bring to the stage in exactly the same way,” says singer Sascha Hörold, describing the plan. ALEX MOFA GANG also describes the subsequent music-making in their own studio as a “moment of release”. Feeling the volume again for the first time after a long break had a catalytic and cathartic effect on the band's productivity right from the start. There was also a lot of the romanticism at play, how one imagines life as a rock band. So the plans for the album were made at night around the campfire and the cover photo was then taken.

On their last album, ALEX MOFA GANG called themselves, without any irony, the loudest pop band in the country. This claim is further substantiated with “Nacht der Habit” in that on their fourth album the gang allows for even more influences that each individual member brings with them and is thus even more stylistically broad. So you no longer get involved in discussions about the purism of some listeners, but instead extend your hand with a smile to everyone whose horizons are even a little wider: “Bidde, here is the ALEX MOFA GANG for you!” – handmade and from the heart.

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