BONY MACARONI Release Their Pop Loving Indie Punk Debut

Team Redfield is stoked to announce that 'The Big Bucks', the roaring debut album byBONY MACARONI , is finally out there for you to enjoy!

The record is ready to shipin our shop and available on limited vinyl as well as CD. You can grab it along with some exclusive products, like the spectacular The Big Buzz guitar pedal, built by the band.

The Big Reviews

“This is how you transport a genre into the here and now.”
Plate tests

"BONY MACARONI delivers a strong debut." 8/10
Rock magazines

“I'm delighted by the fresh air in an often less profound genre.” 8.2 /10

Album Of The Week

“The album is a definite recommendation for everyone who likes to hear and feel some fresh air in a rather poppy sound.”
Away From Life

“The band plays power pop punk that will captivate you instantly. What appears so easy and is finding its way into your ears so fast, comes with dramatic lyrical depths.”

“Yes, there is enough to moan about (…) But bury your head in the sand because of this? Not with BONY MACARONI, who are pointing out the problem on 'The Big Bucks' and presenting their music as a (at least temporary) solution.”
Terror Publisher

The Big Gigs

Starting today with their album release show, BONY MACARONI have plenty of shows coming up in the next couple of months:

31.03. NL- Amsterdam, Skatepark Noord w/ SNOW COATS & HALF CAB
April 14th NL- Amsterdam, AFAS (Avril Lavigne aftershow) - SOLD OUT
12.05. DE- Wetzlar, Franzis Cultural Center
13.05. DE- Munich, Lost Weekend
May 28th NL- Tienray, Gaellus Open Air
03.06. DE-Lennestadt, Rock'n'Roll BBQ
08.06. NL- Eindhoven, Stroomhuis (Supporting MOBINA GALORE)

More will be announced soon!

Happy release day, BONY MACARONI!