R#136 with Elke Kuhlen, festival director c/o pop

Elke Kuhlen

Between big brands and DIY porn magazines like “Indiehausen”.

Elke Kuhlen has accompanied c/o pop in Cologne since the beginning. For the 20th anniversary from April 26th to 30th, 2023, she will report in the Redfield Podcast how she is helping to shape the program and content with her team as festival director. She explains to host Alexander Schröder how the program has been made more diverse and what topics she would like to tackle in the future. Her credo: Don't expect to do everything perfectly. The main thing is to get started!

Your CV has a few surprises in store. Kuhlen dedicated herself to a variety of jobs that even took her to Abu Dhabi, where she was a world champion, or to the jury of the Music Initiative. Another constant is the booking for the well-known Electronic Beats Festival for Telekom. A total contrast away from the c/o pop indie world with the balancing act between culture and commerce and into the big brand business.

And then there is her “crazy idea” since 2005: together with a friend she publishes Jungsheft and Giddyheft, two porn magazines. And he did so without any journalistic or photographic experience, but with unbroken enthusiasm.