Redfield Podcast

R#153 mit Ralf Diemert, Gründer von der haardt

Ralf Diemert
Vom DIY- zum Major-Booking hin zur erfolgreichen Boutique Agentur in der lukrativen Nische.

R#152 Update mit Fabian Schütze

Fabian Schuetze
Warum Spotify feiern? Ein täglicher Newsletter als Business Case. Wer war Theo Schumann? Neue Print-Musikmagazine.

R#151 Update with Fabian Schütze

Fabian Schütze
Over a million new songs per day, less virality and more (personal) branding.

R#150 with Elke Kuhlen, Asterix Westphal, Ueli Häfliger

Asterix Westphal, Ueli Häfliger, Elke Kuhlen, Alexander Schröder
About ghosting in the podcast business, from AI to swivel grills and the perfect entry for the Eurovision Song Contest.

R#149 with Anna-Lena Öhmann, cultural manager

Anna-Lena Öhmann

About committed volunteer work and rich cultural support.

R#148 with Colin Hauer, CEO of Audiobook Hamburg

Colin Hauer
Entrepreneurship in the music industry. From indie to audiobook.

R#147 Update with Sascha Winkler and Constantin Hochwald from Brain'n'Dead

Sascha Winkler und Constantin Hochwald
From porcelain to mosh pits. Why brands could be happy in metal.

R#146 Update with Tim Böning and Alex Siedenbiedel

Tim Böning und Alex Siedenbiedel
In 2021, Tim Böning woke up the music industry with a guest article in Musikwoche; The topic was then extended in the Redfield Podcast.

#R145 with Vivien Mierzkalla, label manager Secretly Group

Vivien Mierzkalla
Indie through and through. Vivien Mierzkalla has been working as label manager for the Secretly Group since 2017. The company is one of the largest international indie music companies.

R#144 with Martin Hommel, music journalist

Martin Hommel
Where's the noise here? What German public broadcasting can learn from other countries.

R#143 with Max Mönster, Director A&R and Creative at Universal Music DE - Urban

Max Mönster
With passion to become one of the most successful German rap A&Rs.

R#142 with Julia Kautz, musician & composer

Julia Kautz
The first star interview with Phil Collins and songwriting training.