R#137 with Johannes Jacobi, co-founder Höme – For festivals

Johannes Jacobi

Through an innovative festival platform and incredible event experiences.

He stopped his apprenticeship as a retail clerk two weeks before completion because he no longer saw any point in it. Instead, Johannes Jacobi focused on his independence, primarily organizing the Winterclash, an international inline skating event.

In the Redfield Podcast he reports on the beginnings in 2005 and the incredible situations that kept arising. A burnt down location shortly before the start of the event or ruinous planning brought him to the brink of personal bankruptcy. In a conversation with Alexander Schröder, Jacobi also explains what motivated him to keep getting up and keep going.

Because of his love for the Danish Roskilde Festival, he and friends started Höme as a magazine for festival culture in 2016. At first just a hobbyist blog with a special editorial focus, it developed into a real magazine and later a company that sees itself as a platform for festivals.

Whether it's the charity festival for festival 2020 or the festival playground with over 80 festival teams that exchange ideas sustainably - there is plenty of content and planning that Johannes Jacobi can say something about. He also has an excellent view of the current festival landscape and the current challenges.


(Photo: Jean Paul Pastor Guzman)