R#26 with Saskia Rienth, artist branding & media coaching

Saskia Rienth

The Süddeutsche Zeitung once called her “the brand maker”. Saskia Rienth advises musicians on artist branding and offers media coaching for the creative industry.

Her father composed one of the most performed children's musicals in Germany and so at the age of 13 she was already on big stages, singing, dancing, playing music and presenting throughout Germany. She later worked for SWR DASDING and MDR JUMP as a radio presenter and editor for 12 years until she became self-employed as a coach in 2013 and has been present in many media outlets since then; although she has never advertised her offer.

During her radio time, Rienth studied music business at the Popakademie in Mannheim and media design in Weimar. She also worked for Universal Music and accompanied the then up-and-coming Tokio Hotel on their promotional dates. Even back then, she was aware of how important it is for artists to use media appropriately and to independently form the image of their own band.

In the podcast with Alexander Schröder, Saskia Rienth explains the method she can use to help bands and artists authentically build their image. She describes how to tell your own stories profitably and which musicians are currently doing absolutely everything right.
She talks about her career, why she is so fascinated by the medium of radio, what roles teams of presenters have to take on in the program and why she ended her radio engagement and became self-employed as a coach.


(Photo: Alexa Kirsch)