R#25 with Fabian Schütze, founder of Golden Ticket

Fabian Schütze

Rethinking the music business. This credo runs like a common thread through the career of Fabian Schütze, who runs his Golden Ticket agency in Leipzig and was previously very active as a musician and designer for years as part of the creative collective Analogsoul.

Whether booking, management, publishing or digital sales, Schütze and his team are managers, advisors and doers with a strong DIY focus and clear visions for the future.

With Golden Ticket Sessions and Golden Ticket Tapes they curate and develop release formats and platforms, with Listen To Leipzig they provide daily cultural tips for their hometown and with Low Budget High Spirit there is plenty of opinion, vision and information on the situation and future of the music industry. Especially in the monthly newsletter, Schütze always provides controversial topics of conversation and suggestions.

In the podcast with Alexander Schröder, Fabian Schütze talks about whether he has ever faced real headwind for his opinion, how he assesses the future viability of the German music industry and whether there will still be music labels in the future. The two also discuss whether there could be a democratization of Booking in the foreseeable future and why he will definitely stay in Leipzig. An exciting assessment of the future of the local music industry.