R#27 with Joachim Hiller, founder of OX Verlag

OX fanzine Joachim Hiller

The Solinger Tageblatt once said he was “the ambassador of punk.” Joachim Hiller, who now lives in Klingenstadt, has been publishing the OX Fanzine for over 30 years and has established his magazine as a permanent fixture among German-language music magazines. With a focus on punk rock, hardcore and rock'n'roll, Hiller has also been publishing the Fuze Magazine for metalcore and related music styles for several years, as well as the vegan magazine “Kochen ohne Bone”.

In the Redfield Podcast, Joachim Hiller explains how he accompanied the start of Redfield Records, what part he played in the founding and how their paths crossed again and again, directly or indirectly.

The editor continues to report on his own beginnings, about the network that already existed at the time around his Swabian homeland and which events also noticeably increased the attention for the OX Fanzine. He also explains the distribution channels of the magazine trade and the situation in which his publisher and the music media industry find themselves in the Corona crisis.

It is clear to him that he will stick to the print product, but will still keep looking at new developments. Hiller reports on the reasons for the conception of his two other magazines and the situation in which Fuze Magazine and “Kochen ohne Bone” had to assert themselves from the beginning. In particular, establishing the market in the nutrition segment was a new challenge, as he impressively describes.


(Photo: Leon Zinowenka)