#24 Special episode with Maik Strübe and Oise Ronsberger

Maik Struge Oise Ronsberger Alexander Schröder

What is the current situation in the music industry during the current Corona crisis? Maik Strübe from The Living Proof Agency and Oise Ronsberger from End Hits Records as well as tour managers of bands like Parkway Drive and Boysetsfire discuss this question with Alexander Schröder in the Redfield Podcast.

While you can find canceled or postponed concerts and festivals, calls for donations and concert streams everywhere, a great deal of uncertainty still dominates the economy.

In this special episode we look behind the scenes and Alexander Schröder talks to Maik Strübe and Oise Ronsberger about the current situation in the live and label industry, especially in his own companies. Acute problems and challenges for the coming months are discussed, but at the same time opportunities that this crisis can offer creative minds.