R#14 with Michael Milkowski

Michael Milkowski

From fanzine to media company. MoreCore is one of the best-known German-speaking places on the Internet when it comes to hard and alternative rock music. Whether it's news, reviews, features or the MoreCore TV video format, the young company has earned relevance in a niche between pop punk, nu metal and metalcore.

Michael Milkowski is one of the two managing directors of MoreCore and at the same time the initiator and DJ of the MoreCore parties, another Germany-wide field of activity for the team in addition to the magazine.

In a podcast interview with Alexander Schröder, Milkowski reports on the rapid growth of the community and his view of the national and international music media landscape. Together they consider how difficult it is these days to be perceived as a tastemaker or curator and at the same time finance yourself through advertising revenue. Milkowski explains why an international expansion of the offering makes no sense to him and notes how important it can be to combine journalistic standards with personality.