R#15 with Benedikt Hain from Outback Recordings

Benedict Hain

(Photo: Stephanie Probst, Rotwild Photography)

A mixing specialist for hard tones. The audio engineer Benedikt Hain set up the company Outback Recordings early on in his home in the Bavarian Forest. Since then he has specialized in punk rock and other related hard music and mixing the tracks delivered.

To help artists record the perfect sound, he also created “The Self Recording Band”; to teach recording basics and to offer musicians a knowledge platform that is currently completely free.

In an interview with Alexander Schröder, Benedikt Hain talks about working on his own Outback Recordings podcast and which marketing channels are important to him. He explains how and where he continues his training, which tools and working methods he uses and why he has specialized heavily. The audio expert for hard sounds sheds light on his own career and reveals what it has to do with the Musikantenstadtl.