R#13 with Mirko Glasses, founder of Uncle M Music

Mirko glasses

He consciously takes different paths and always tries to exploit all new and technical possibilities for his work with bands and artists.

Mirko Glasses has been active in the music industry for over 20 years and was primarily socialized in punk rock. He founded his own management and booking agency in Hanover early on, 11PM Music, which was also active as a very relevant online music magazine at the time. He later moved to Münster to Cardiac Communication, an advertising agency run by the skateboard pioneers Titus, for which he also primarily managed projects in the music sector.

It was from this environment that his current company, Uncle M Music, emerged, primarily a punk rock label and a PR and marketing agency, which is now based in Schleswig-Holstein. Glasses and his team look after genre giants such as Hot Water Music, Boysetsfire, Lagwagon, Parkway Drive and many more and carry out campaigns for albums and tours, release their own artists and have a publishing company attached.

In the Redfield Podcast with Alexander Schröder, Mirko Brille reports on current developments in the area of ​​promotion and marketing. He highlights which levers are important, how essential it is to let stories work and to find them beforehand, and highlights how good online marketing works. He illustrates how Uncle M is always testing and exploring new channels. Glasses and his team carried out influencer campaigns for the alternative music scene early on and not only gained positive experiences. Regardless of whether it's TikTok, playlist pitching or a podcast, Glasses reports how he deals with new developments early on without ignoring tried-and-tested channels.