R#11 with Robert Ehrenbrand, BE-COMING.ME and Boysetsfire

Robert Ehrenbrand

Since his early youth, Robert Ehrenbrand has been involved in yoga, martial arts and his musical passion in hardcore punk. When the US band Boysetsfire hired him as bassist overnight in 2003, the musician, who had previously only been active as a guitarist, stepped in and moved to the USA immediately after completing his European tour.

During a break from the band, he successfully completed his degree in business psychology. Ehrenbrand now works as a certified yoga teacher and developed his own concept with BE-COMING.ME.

In the podcast interview, Robert Ehrenbrand reflects on the time after joining “Boysetsfire”, in which the band released a commercially successful album that achieved gold status in the USA, but was otherwise unhappy with the record company at the time in all respects.
He explains what it means for his band to go their own way in the music industry, away from success planning and number-driven campaigns.