R#10 with Patrick Oginski, founder of southpolmusic

Specialized in the Bavarian niche to become a permanent fixture in the music business: Patrick Oginski is the founder and managing director of southpolmusic, an established Munich music agency that works with a particularly large number of Bavarian artists - some of them also dialect artists - from booking, label, management, publishing to... covers a lot for holding local events. And that’s been the case since 2001.

Patrick Oginski
In a conversation with Alexander Schröder, Oginski explains the situation that led to the founding and why he immediately signed a well-known chart act, the Bananafishbones . He describes the path to specialization, especially with Bavarian artists, and how he and his team can assert themselves as a force to be reckoned with in this niche.

The busy entrepreneur, who has now also become a club operator in Munich, also gives insights into the work of the Music Managers and Consultants Association (IMUC) and explains why he developed his own software solution for the music industry, even though he... cannot program.