R#12 with Frank Acker, children's musician Frank & his friends

Frank Acker

From World Cup hit singer to children's music entrepreneur. Frank Acker took the step into self-employment in 2009 - as a children's musician. He was already active as a musician before, covering with his bands and appearing as one of the interpreters of the soccer hit "Without Holland (let's go to the World Cup)", although without benefiting particularly from the hit.

As a children's musician, it was clear to him from the start that he wanted to perform with life-size figures and "Frank & his friends" was created. Since then, the musician has been traveling nationwide with sidekicks such as the fidget animal, Princess Mikidoo, the cherry monster and other characters, delighting children and families. What sounds like a clever marketing and PR move was primarily intended to increase the attractiveness of the stage program.

Frank Acker sealed his collaboration with EMI Music back in 2011, only to be looked after by Sony Music's renowned European label shortly after the record company was sold. Nevertheless, he continued to run his own record company and publishing house and secured the freedom to release his albums sometimes himself and sometimes on Europe.

Acker, who lives in Osnabrück, now runs three children's play arenas in the region and is therefore very close to his target group. He explains how he came to these and how they were set up in the Redfield Podcast with Alexander Schröder. He also explains why television appearances have not brought him success and how difficult it is to inspire children and parents alike, since his products always have to be bought by the parents in the end.

The musician now works with a team of around 50 employees who cover various areas from social media to his own fan club to looking after the children's play arenas. He still spun off his own online shop. In the interview, Acker explains his reasons and reports on the importance of new sales and media channels for him.