R#9 with Jo Halbig, musician at Killer Pilze and founder of Superlife Promo

Jo Halbig signed the major record deal as a teenager. His band “Die Killer Pilze” was featured on the cover of BRAVO twice and their debut album achieved gold status. After two years, Universal Music suddenly canceled the contract and since then the “Die Killer Pilze” have been releasing their music on their own label, killerpilzerecords, which they set up out of necessity and without any real prior knowledge. The young musicians also became young entrepreneurs.

Jo Halbig
Jo Halbig then founded the PR agency Superlife Promo in 2011 and works not only for her own bands but also for other bands and companies. He also initiated the Donauside Festival, organizes popular parties in Munich and looks after Kaiba, who achieved a viral hit on TikTok with an incredible 500,000,000 plays of his single “Overdose”. The Bremen rapper is now signed to Universal Music - the old record company of Jo Halbig's band.

In the podcast with Alexander Schröder, the businessman and musician, who is also active as a speaker and coach, talks about the difficulties and challenges he and his band had to overcome in their first years as entrepreneurs. He takes stock of the advantages this path offers for his band and how he sees the future of PR work.

Halbig provides insights into the distribution of the marketing budget and the perfect fan channels for “The Killer Mushrooms” and describes what the “Rockstar Coaching” he offers is all about.

He also reports on his foray into the start-up world at YOU MAWO. At the launch in 2016, he helped set up the marketing department for the provider of custom-made 3D glasses and compares this approach with that in the music industry.

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