#21 with Torsten Pistol from Pistole Hardcore Food

Torsten Pistol from Pistole Hardcore Food

He says about himself that he deals in high-quality food. In the podcast interview with Alexander Schröder, Torsten Pistol talks about his philosophy, which is strongly rooted in hardcore music and which he lives 100 percent for his business. So it quickly became clear that this exciting story should also take place in the Redfield Podcast, which is mainly dedicated to the music industry, but should also make repeated trips into the creative network.

Pistole reports on the beginnings in a small garage and the current center of life and work; its “headquarters”. The beautiful, old four-sided farm stands idyllically in Artland in the northern district of Osnabrück. From there he and his team sell high-quality food that he finds on extensive travels. Here he organizes events where he combines his two passions: loud hardcore bands play and exquisite food and drinks prepared by top chefs are served.

What seems more than unusual at first glance, Pistole manages to combine in a unique story and is becoming increasingly popular. The two interviewees look at the current and future business model and its sales structures. Pistole Hardcore Food already supplies numerous top chefs and upscale restaurants with the selected products. In addition to spirits, oils and vinegar, the main focus here is on fish, which he used to breed himself and which brought him straight to Tim Mälzer, one of the most famous German chefs, when he started his own business.