#20 with Chris Histel from Innerly Elvis

Chris Histel from Inside Elvis

He wants to help ambitious bands better understand their music business and take it into their own hands.

Chris Histel was already active as a musician and DJ in a hip-hop band in the 1990s. The group rejected a major label deal and later disbanded. A time when he admits that the artists involved had no knowledge of the music business and had little curiosity to change it.

Later, the Saarlander became involved in a variety of ways, especially in his home region, organizing training events, getting involved in the cultural scene and gradually getting to know the many areas actively. In 2014 he finally founded “Innerlich Elvis” as a label for a band he was friends with, booking concerts and advising the musicians. Over time, the transfer of knowledge became more and more important and Histel now works as a consultant and coach for musicians, especially in the DIY sector. Since 2018 he has also been publishing the “Innerlich Elvis Podcast” for which he interviews guests and reports on topics such as Facebook marketing, networking in the music industry or GEMA and GVL.

In the podcast with Alexander Schröder, Chris Histel looks at his own path in the music industry and explains why he and his fellow musicians didn't want to sign a major record deal at the time. He shares why he started podcasting and what he thinks most artists are missing.