Marathonmann - Mein Leben gehört dir - Vinyl LP (Splatter weiß/schwarz / 2020) - Redfield Records

Marathonmann - My life belongs to you - Vinyl LP (Splatter white/black / 2020)

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Re-release of the Marathonmann album from 2016 on colored vinyl under an official license from Century Media / People Like You.

The ink spot pattern is made individually. Each record is a handmade unique piece. The contrast and course of the color transitions can vary within one edition. A and B sides may differ from each other. The color of the vinyl delivered may therefore differ from the image.

250 x Ink Spot red/black
250 x Splatter white / black

Track list

A1. state of affairs
A2. The Lives of Others
A3. view in the future
A4. Constant pain
A5. Standstill/Continue
A6. You let the colors go
B1. Voices in the sea
B2. Wounds and scars
B3. The time was
B4. The sky is falling
B5. days until summer
B6. My life belongs to you