Marathonmann - Die Angst sitzt neben dir - CD (2019) - Redfield Records
Marathonmann - Die Angst sitzt neben dir - CD (2019) - Redfield Records
Marathonmann - Die Angst sitzt neben dir - CD (2019) - Redfield Records

Marathon Man - Fear Sits Next to You - CD (2019)

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“The title expresses that we have fears from the beginning of our lives. Although they change over time, they are always by our side. Most of the time we suppress them, but they are always there and accompany us until our death." Michi Lettner, singer and bassist of MARATHONMANN, describes the theme that the German post-punk band focuses on on their new work as a very personal concern. Guitarist Leo Heinz adds: “The topic of fear is so big and wide. What seems insignificant to one person is almost impossible to say to the next person. The important thing is that everyone deals with it and learns to deal with their fears.” The fourth MARATHONMANN album makes no distinction between artist and listener. It's not about putting yourself on a pedestal and preaching what's right and what's wrong, but rather admitting your fears and facing them together. Drummer Jo Scheer finally sums up the meaning of the album: “This feeling of having to prove something to someone – that wasn’t there. We initially did all of this just for ourselves, to process things. Our emotions and thoughts, but also our own fears. It helped us and that's how music should work." With "The Fear Sits Next to You" MARATHONMANN deliver a gripping, rousing and deeply personal album that makes the band and their music seem more approachable than ever before and extends a hand to everyone who wants them seeks.

In contrast to previous releases, MARATHONMANN took a little more time with “The Fear Sits Next to You”. Jo explains the reasons: “We wanted to approach the matter as clearly as possible. That's why we took a little time off. No rehearsals, no songwriting, no typical band life. Before it got too much, we said to ourselves: let the most recent events and experiences sink in. When we feel fresh and ready, we'll sit down together and tackle the topic of album 4." The result is 100 percent MARATHONMANN, but also because it sounds like no release before. “MARATHON MAN always sounds like MARATHON MAN to us. Nevertheless, we never want to copy ourselves or stagnate musically. We are also constantly developing personally and the new album reflects that – more than any album before,” explains Leo. Despite the absolute will to further develop, the new album came about more directly and naturally for Michi: “We just started writing. It just had to come out without thinking about it too long. In the end, we just wanted to be proud of ourselves.”

At the end of this creative process there is a sophisticated and complex album. But before anyone thinks of stadium or prog rock, rest assured that the Munich-based band has of course retained their emotionality and the genuine energy of punk, which is particularly demonstrated by the first single “Schachmatt”. “The song is about why things happen and who makes all the rules. You are often helpless and have the feeling that you can't do anything about many things. “Everyone knows this fear of being helpless,” Michi explains the content of the song. With an exclusive B-side, the preliminary track will be available exclusively as 7" vinyl on the joint tour with ROGERS in April. Since punk is no longer the sole focus for MARATHONMANN 2019, “The Fear Sits Next to You” is, above all, versatile. While “Nie Enug” is aggressive but also catchy, pieces like “Die Bahn” and “Tausende Augen” show the quieter and more vulnerable side of the band. “Flashback” ultimately combines all qualities and should unite all fans.

Track list:
1. Believed dead
2. Flashback
3. Never enough
4. Everything will be fine, Alice
5. The Forgotten
6. The train
7. Checkmate
8. 22 meter safety distance 9. Stigmata
10. Thousands of eyes
11. Hobbs End
12. In the end nothing