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Hi! Spencer - Memori - CD (2022)

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“Sometime years ago I lost myself (...) Today I am closer to myself than I have ever been before.” These lines come from the single “So Beautiful Alone” on the EP and sing Hi! Not only from Spencer's soul - they are also the essence of her new EP "memori", which will bring color to Plattenregel in April 2022. Because in addition to strong indie pop-rock punk, visually stunning lyrics and the typical touch of melancholy, the new record is one thing above all: colorful!

The EP was recorded with Haus und Hof producer Tobi Schneider in the DocMaKlang Studio Osnabrück. Alex Kloss was hired again for the mastering, with his work for Leslie Clio, the Blackout Problems, Jennifer Rostock and many others
made names. The graphic concept was penned by the Osnabrück creative team kraem: "memori" is the idea of ​​replaying the leitmotif of self-loss and self-discovery (based on the children's game memory®). To show that
an inner dualism does not necessarily have to be mutually exclusive, but rather can complement each other. In this sense, the artwork works in the Bauhaus style with different shapes and colors that complement each other to create something new. Clear; and yet changeable.

The CD is released in an elegantly designed digi sleeve, which avoids as much plastic as possible for the sake of the environment.

1 photo paper
2 Club 27
3 Everything That Is Here
4 mother's son
5 The world begins back there
6 So Beautiful Alone