Eskimo Callboy - We Are The Mess - CD (2014) - Redfield Records
Eskimo Callboy - We Are The Mess - CD (2014) - Redfield Records

Eskimo Callboy - We Are The Mess - CD (2014)

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For ESKIMO CALLBOY “We Are The Mess” is the perfect continuation of modern, danceable guitar music, which is also perfectly presented in their first single. You can jump, dance, mosh and cuddle. The range of their musical style goes from club hits like “Final Dance”, designed for the very last party of your life, over to “Broadway's Gonna Kill Us”, a make-out song in a gloomy outfit, up to “Voodoo Circus ", a lightning-swift song including the deepest mosh part that was ever written...

With their sophomore ESKIMO CALLBOY take another big step forward. Their sound mixes a lot of danceable riffs into a catchy brew, which is garnished with mean breakdowns and deep shouts. From one second to the other the listener is catapulted from the glossy disco dance floor into a sweaty moshpit and a few moments later he finds himself in a nightclub where he gets another shot at the bar.

Track list:
2. We Are The Mess
3. Party At The Horror House
4. Blood Red Lips
5. Never Let You Know
6. #moosetransformer
7. Jagger Swagger feat. BastiBast (Callejon) & Deuce
8. Ghosts Of The Night
9. Final dance
10. Voodoo Circus
11. Broadway's Gonna Kill Us