R#150 with Elke Kuhlen, Asterix Westphal, Ueli Häfliger

Asterix Westphal, Ueli Häfliger, Elke Kuhlen, Alexander Schröder

About ghosting in the podcast business, from AI to swivel grills and the perfect entry for the Eurovision Song Contest.

The big anniversary episode for the 150th Redfield Podcast with Elke Kuhlen (festival director c/o pop), Asterix Westphal (music and media lawyer) and Ueli Häfliger (radio and podcast professional with “Goldstückli”).

In Berlin, these three wonderful guests will talk to Alexander Schröder in an entertaining group about more than just the podcast business. Ueli Häfliger gives deep insights into the numbers and challenges of the “Goldstückli” music podcast, which he produces together with Winson. Exciting: He makes it clear that his curation relies on other curators to find the right songs in the sheer mass.

Elke Kuhlen draws a conclusion about the Cologne industry event c/o pop, which successfully celebrated its 20th birthday this year. She goes into the various program planning, draws comparisons to the current state of the industry and explains whether big data can play a role in booking.

Together with Asterix Westphal, they discuss the diverse possible uses of AI, why it could be particularly helpful for mood music and what other possible uses this technology could offer.

When looking for the next German entry for the Eurovision Song Contest, after some discussion, sports comparisons, meaning and insights from an adult side, the quartet even came to a common denominator. In this context, the question is also asked whether established artists are not interested in the contest and whether a one-year break, as recommended by the German Music Council, would be desirable.

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