R#151 Update with Fabian Schütze

Fabian Schütze

Over a million new songs per day, less virality and more (personal) branding.

Redfield Podcast regular Fabian Schütze gives an update on his c/o pop panels, the upcoming Low Budget High Spirit magazine and what has been moving him in the last few weeks.

He discusses with host Alexander Schröder about Rough Trade's European expansion plans and, based on the new "Music Industry in Figures 2022" study by the Federal Association of the Music Industry (BVMI), about retail and e-commerce. He reveals whether he would open a record store and sheds light on the situation of German music retailers, among whom JPC still appears as a “hidden champion”.

Do 18 year olds even buy CDs? This would be possible as part of the culture pass. Schütze and Schröder talk about the sense and nonsense of the program, which has a budget of 100 million euros and is intended to appeal to around 750,000 young adults. Who can benefit, what is it used for and is the app that Schröder tried out directly suitable?

In addition, there is of course an AI update. Schütze explains how he uses AI in his everyday office life. At the same time, analysts such as Goldman Sachs and Midia Research are predicting more than a million new songs per day on Spotify & Co. in the next few years.

But what does this mean for more than just the playlist game, artist promotion and marketing of individual acts? Is (personal) branding more important than music? And would it be a blessing if there was less virality, as the new LinkedIn update proclaims?