R#129 Update with Fabian Schütze, Low Budget High Spirit & Golden Ticket

Fabian Schütze and Alexander Schröder

For the New Year, a look back at a turbulent year and a look ahead to 2023 with regular guest Fabian Schütze.

The Leipzig music expert reports on the status of his latest projects, gives insights into his music industry newsletter Low Budget High Spirit and explains what goals he and his Golden Ticket team have set for the new year.

Together with host Alexander Schröder, he discusses ups and downs in e-commerce, logistical and production challenges of the future and whether Spotify is a suitable advertising partner.

Schütze makes a thesis clear and explains why, for him, there can be a real tipping point at which certain social media platforms can destroy themselves. This once again makes it clear what enormous challenges artists have to face in these ecosystems.

There is also an excursion into classical music, experiences from the live industry and insights into the Redfield Podcast.

Happy New Year!