R#128 with Henning Wehland, musician

Henning Wehland

Henning Wehland has been in the music industry for over 30 years. In many capacities, but especially as the singer of H-Blockx or Söhne Mannheims, as a presenter or as a judge on The Voice Kids, he is known to a large audience. In addition, the Münster native was also active as manager of The Boss Hoss or Pohlmann, start-up entrepreneur and restaurateur.

In the Redfield Podcast he talks about the meteoric rise of H-Blockx, who were in the charts for weeks with their first album “Time To Move”, sold over two million albums and were considered the spearhead of German crossovers. In a conversation with Alexander Schröder, they shed light on the financial aspects and how much this success influenced the musician.

They talk about his entrepreneurial career and the drastic and painful realizations it led to. It becomes clear again and again with what interest Wehland plunges into topics and tries to penetrate them.

An entertaining episode that covers many aspects of the music industry and also clarifies once and for all his ambitions for the office of mayor of Münster.


(Photo: Ricarda Spiegel)