The Perfect XMAS Song

Bony Macaroni

Dutch emo-punks of BONY MACARONI are brimming with creativity. After releasing their debut album 'The Big Bucks' in 2023 along with a split EP featuring SNOW COATS, they're wrapping up the year with 'Christmas...' and presenting two alternative Christmas songs. (to be released Dec, 8th 2023)

Though definitely Bony Macaroni’s most poppy and upbeat, maybe even corny song, ‘Christmas Mosquito Bites’ is also among the most hopeless and grim songs they’ve put out.

Singer Stefan Bonestroo: “Lately I have been thinking a lot about impending climate disasters and how they will probably not significantly affect me any time soon. Sure, we might get mosquitos in December, or we might not get to experience the joys of a ‘white Christmas’ anymore, but the southern hemisphere is already feeling the effects of climate change and it is only getting worse for those that or not rich like us. Still, we turn a blind eye to their suffering and still chase infinite growth on a finite world.”

In contrast, there is "December 25th (the morning after)". That punchy under 2 ½-minute punk track is an ode to feeling hungover on Christmas morning. You’ve been there, you’ve felt it, it sucks.

Here Bonestroo can also anecdotally report: “My family, like many, has this tradition of having a nice breakfast on Christmas morning. Literally the worst breakfast to have when you feel like you are going to die. Yet almost every year I do the opposite of what I tell myself on that unfaithful morning: “I am never drinking again on Christmas Eve”.”

Vrolijk Kerstfeest…