Anchors & Hearts Release Album 'Deathlist'

Anchors & Hearts 2024

ANCHORS & HEARTS have release their fifth studio album on March 1, 2024, worldwide via Redfield Records. "Deathlist" promises a musical and emotional rollercoaster with a distinctive sound. The Hamburg-based band successfully confirms their status as one of the few European rock artists that can seamlessly blend powerful and modern guitar sounds with catchy melodies and memorable singalongs into infectious hits.


The emotional depth of "Deathlist" is reflected in the variety of topics the band explores. Singer Manuel Wintjen emphasizes that it is not a conceptual album but rather a work that puts personal stories and emotions at the forefront. The common thread of the album is the intense emotionality that shines through every song.

 Comparisons with their previous album, "Guns Against Liberty," highlight the musical evolution of Anchors & Hearts. While the previous work conveyed political messages, "Deathlist" returns to more personal narratives. The band feels the urge to write about life and their own emotions, creating a contrast to their political l y charged predecessor.

Anchors & Hearts - Deathlist


The songwriting for "Deathlist" spanned multiple sessions, beginning immediately after the release of "Guns Against Liberty." An album that marks a significant step forward in Anchors & Hearts' public and self- perception. The band invested a considerable amount of time in pre- production, exploring support possibilities, only to realize that they write the best songs for themselves.

Fun Fact: Despite this prolonged time, Wintjen notes, "Three out of five singles were created in the last session." All of this underscores the artistic straightforwardness and creative vision that Anchors & Hearts infuse into their music.


A closer look reveals a group that has been working hard and consistently on their growth for years. Not obsessive, but rather consistent, step by step. Their friendship has not suffered; on the contrary, they have remained active at this level for ten years without any lineup changes. Wintjen describes the recipe for success, especial l y when hitting the road: "We always look forward to tours since we don't spend much time together privately. We enjoy sharing everything that's going on with each other during the journeys."

The Fifth Album

"Deathlist" promises a musical journey through the emotional highs and lows of life. With a successful mix of personal stories, catchy tracks, and the characteristic versatility of Anchors & Hearts, the five friends present a triumphant step forward.



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