R#18 with Sebastian Hafner from ITCHY

Sebastian Sibbi Hafner from Itchy

ITCHY must have played over 1,000 concerts over the course of their career. They released eight albums; Apart from the debut album, all of them were able to place in the charts. Sebastian “Sibbi” Hafner, singer and guitarist of the now German-speaking rock band, also stops off on the Redfield Podcast as part of a promotional trip for the new album “Ja as if” and talks to Alexander Schröder about the history of his band.

They started in 2001 as ITCHY POOPZKID and the first album was released with major support and many TV appearances. After the debut, two more albums followed, all of which landed in the German album charts. Nevertheless, ITCHY have since released their music on their own record label Findaway Records. And it was quite successful, the album “Six” even landed at number 5 in the German album charts, and at the same time the band published the book “How to survive as a rock band”. After a one-off trip to another record company, the eighth album is now being released again on its own.

Hafner talks about what it means to work independently for such a long time and explains which team supports the three musicians. He reports on the steps involved in changing a name and what the biggest learnings were over time. He talks about his band's most important promotional and social media channels, what chart positions mean to him and whether they can act as a lever for success.