R#17 with Oise Ronsberger, founder of End Hits Records

Oise Ronsberger

He is a tour manager for well-known artists such as Parkway Drive, Casper, KIZ, Donots, Sick Of It All and many more. But he is also the label operator of End Hits Records, publishes music by Boysetsfire, Nathan Gray, Norbert Buchmacher, Swain and Stick To Your Guns and is constantly on the go.

In the podcast with Alexander Schröder, Oise Ronsberger describes how he structures his label, organizes his team without a shared office and what attitudes and procedures are important to him. Together they reflect on Ronsberger's career, which began in the Zwiesel youth café in the Bavarian Forest and culminated in his own label - which he eventually gave away to Matze Rossi.

Ronsberger describes his path to End Hits Records, which is closely linked to the US rock band Boysetsfire and its singer Nathan Gray, whose releases he has overseen since 2013. He compares the recording market in Europe and his second home USA, evaluates current sales and promotion channels and explains why he has brought seven vinyl editions of the latest Nathan Gray album onto the market.