R#147 Update with Sascha Winkler and Constantin Hochwald from Brain'n'Dead

Sascha Winkler and Constantin Hochwald

From porcelain to mosh pits. Why brands could be happy in metal.

After Constantin Hochwald and Sascha Winkler from the Brain'n'Dead advertising agency were guests in episode 112, there is now the sequel. The two self-confessed metal fans, musicians and best friends since school days, talk again in the Redfield Podcast about metal, brand collaborations and what they have noticed in the last few months.

Together with host Alexander Schröder, they look at good and bad examples and clearly criticize an award-winning campaign at Wacken Open Air. The accusation: The cute metal fans are only presented as “circus monkeys”.

There are some figures with which they support their theses about the importance of the large metal fan base, which is considered loyal and wealthy.

And then there is the explanation of why high-quality porcelain and metal festivals could go together and how they would try to help the care industry with a personnel campaign.


“Heavy Silence” commercial

Liquid Death

Frostbite Orckings (AI Metal Band)


(Photo: David Ulrich)