R#146 Update with Tim Böning and Alex Siedenbiedel

Tim Böning and Alex Siedenbiedel

In 2021, Tim Böning woke up the music industry with a guest article in Musikwoche; The topic was then extended in the Redfield Podcast. The founder of the booking agency of the same name, known as the “Bomber of Hearts,” wrote about mental health and health, especially his own. After almost 25 wild years in the music industry, Böning is now leaving it, but not without saying a proper goodbye in the Redfield Podcast and revealing what he is now doing in the countryside in Brandenburg.

At the same time entertaining and thoughtful, he looks with Alexander Schröder and Alex Siedenbiedel at the things that are currently moving or have moved him. Siedenbiedel is the guitarist of the Donots and organizes the business of the band, which released its first number 1 album this year after almost 30 years of band history. Böning and Siedenbiedel have known and appreciated each other for almost as long, so the idea for this lively group of three quickly took shape.

There are also insights into how the Donots work, the strategy behind the number 1 album and a detour into music radio (in addition to Redfield Podcast #144 with Martin Hommel).