R#148 with Colin Hauer, CEO of Audiobook Hamburg

Colin Hauer
As a teenager, Colin Hauer founded his first company - a social media community for teenagers. After selling and graduating from school, the culture-loving German-Australian moved to the Pop Academy and Universal Music, where he was able to continue working with digital media.

At the same time, he founded Humming Records, his own boutique indie label, with Jörg Peters, which was sold to Neubau Music after nine years.

In the Redfield Podcast, Colin Hauer talks to Alexander Schröder about his professional development, which led him, among others, to the first major German music streaming provider Simfy, to the e-commerce giant Amazon and the renowned publishing house Bastei Lübbe. Despite some success, he never decided to make his own label his full-time job.

He later established a management consultancy for the media industry and developed an affiliated audio book publisher with AI support.

In the conversation it becomes clear how sustainably Hauer built his network organically and how curious he is about new industries, technology and opportunities.

In the Redfield Podcast he talks openly and reflects on how difficult it was to leave his own companies behind to concentrate on his current role as managing director at Hörbuch Hamburg. There are also a variety of insights into the creation of audio books and the market mechanisms.


(Photo: Stefan Trocha)