Marathonmann - Alles auf Null - Limitierte CD (2021) - Redfield Records
Marathonmann - Alles auf Null - Limitierte CD (2021) - Redfield Records

Marathonmann - Everything to Zero - Limited CD (2021)

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CD limited to 500 copies in digipak. The new live & acoustic album from MARATHONMANN.

Limited first edition:
320 x Vinyl (Half Black / Half Silver)
324 x Vinyl (Black with White Splatter)
500 x CD (digipak)

"I mean, there's something about releasing a live record from a year in which concerts didn't actually take place," says Michi Lettner, frontman of MARATHONMANN.

Over the course of the summer of 2020, the “punk” band from Munich played pandemic-appropriate unplugged concerts under the motto “Everything to zero”, which had such a big effect on the audience and the band that, in retrospect, it is difficult to say who was who has provided a ray of hope in a difficult time.

But since this time is not over yet, this ray of hope should now appear on record. Who couldn't still use it urgently?

Last but not least, the artwork for “Alles auf Null” builds a bridge between the MARATHONMEN we know and a year that will remain in our memory forever.

Once again Lettner is in favor of it, as he did for the current studio album " Fear sits next to you", combing through our own family archives: "With the artwork we wanted to build on our last record. The cover photo again comes from my family collection and shows my great-grandmother. I think the photo radiates a very special calm and "A certain thoughtfulness. Somehow this photo sums up 2020 well for me. This deceleration, this introspection, this light in the darkness."

Track list:
1. Wooden sword
2. Never enough
3. Behind the Looking Glass
4. Flashback
5. Farewell
6. The train
7. Rewind
8. We are still here
9. Looking into the future
10. Where a promise is still worth something
11. In the end nothing
12. The city belongs to the best