R#99 with Katharina Köhler, Management Deichkind & co-founder female force mgmt

Katharina Köhler

She has been manager of Deichkind since 2010 and founded female force mgmt in 2021 together with Saskia Trautwein from SaLT-PR.

Rap, hip-hop and concert events were Katharina Köhler's start into the music business. Although her first employer Buback in Hamburg told her that German rap was actually dead, she stayed and worked with Jan Delay, the Beginners and Deichkind, with whom she went on tour early on.

She later became the band's manager and reports on how she accompanied the band's career, including the establishment of her own label - from commercial low point to number 1 in the German album charts.

Together with host Alexander Schröder, she looks at the channels that led to great growth for the band. A very special focus here is certainly on the extraordinary visual appearance at concerts and in videos.

In the interview, Katharina Köhler explains what personal challenges had to be overcome in the organization and what helped her. She also explains why it was important for her and Saskia Trautwein to found a new management company in order to reflect more diversity in this business area.