R#95 Update with Robert Stolt, founder Future of Festivals

Robert Stolt

An excellent summary of the current status of the festivals.

As the initiator of the Future of Festivals trade fair, Robert Stolt knows the topics that affect the live and event industry now and in the future. Since this recently took place in Berlin, the founder of the festival consultancy Fuchs & Hirsch is now in the Redfield Podcast for an update after his visit in episode 66.

He reports on the hybrid event, to which 2,000 visitors came to exchange ideas about the latest topics in the industry. In an interview with Alexander Schröder, Stolt explains that sustainability is also important for cost reasons and that there is not only a shortage of materials, but also personnel. He explains why, in his eyes, the future is cashless and gives an overview of the mood in the industry.

What is striking is that the organizers of Future of Festivals can even see that this year there was a noticeable increase in new festivals with up to 1,000 visitors. He explains why these amateur festivals came about and in which niches these events now take place.