R#85 with Joachim Müller, founder of Strict Textildruck

Joachim Müller Strict textile printing

He runs screen printing shops in Berlin and Tokyo, prints merchandise for Rammstein, The Boss Hoss and many more. Joachim Müller has been in the business as the owner of Strict Textildruck for over 15 years and is an expert in finishing the coveted fan shirts.

In an interview with Alexander Schröder, Joachim Müller reports on the growth of his company, which first started in the heart of Berlin-Kreuzberg. He tells many anecdotes why he founded another printing company in Japan and why he was on the verge of investing in tape decks during the Corona pandemic.

You will also hear from him an assessment of the environmental impact of the printing process, which T-shirts are the best sellers and classics, how easy it is to have your own T-shirt made and what developments there are in direct printing on textiles.


(Photo: d.nietze-fotografie)