R#71 Update with Stephan Thanscheidt, CEO of FKP Scorpio

Stephan Thanscheidt

After speaking about his career (“from stagehand to CEO”) in episode 45 of the Redfield Podcast and giving insights into the situation at FKP Scorpio at the time, Stephan Thanscheidt is now Alexander Schröder’s guest again after almost a year.

The managing director of one of Europe's largest organizers of festivals, tours and local concerts with various foreign subsidiaries gives an update on the current situation at FKP Scorpio and the live industry.

He reports on the challenges that festival organizers in particular have to deal with, what booking looks like in 2022 and how he deals with the media interest in him. He also highlights the current state of solidarity within the industry and why he is so intensively involved in associations and politics.

At the end of the conversation, both take a brief look at the business changes within the industry (e.g. DreamHaus, Undercover, Auf die Feine Tour) and how other European countries rate the 2021 festival summer.