R#67 with Nasrin Vahdani, Head of Marketing Century Media

Nasrin Vahdani

Marketing and PR specialist for hard sounds! The Hanover native got involved in the punk and metal scene early on. She started her music business career in Wolfgang Rott's PR agency cmm. Nasrin Vahdani later co-founded the PR agency Pirate Smile, worked for Century Media Records for a few years and later at Napalm and Spinefarm Records (Universal Music) - all specialists in metal, punk and rock. At the beginning of 2021, Vahdani finally returned to the Century Media Records label, which has now been taken over by Sony Music, as Head of Marketing.

In the Redfield Podcast with Alexander Schröder, the experienced expert talks about the paths her career has taken over the years, analyzes the currently most important channels and media and how they have developed in recent years. Together they shed light on the strategies and acts with which the above-mentioned record companies were able to establish themselves worldwide.

And you can also hear some anecdotes. Nasrin Vahdani talks about her internship at Century Media in Los Angeles, which she actually only took on out of necessity. She talks about her first days working at Spinefarm, in which she had to organize turbulent promotional appearances for the Ghost singer Tobias Forge, but whose costumes were lost on the flight. She also looks back at how online marketing budgets were allocated and measured in the past and how well-founded these tasks can be today.