R#65 with Fabian Schütze, Golden Ticket / Low Budget High Spirit

Fabian Schütze Redfield Podcast

Spotify, Bandcamp, music start-ups, Clubhouse and Die Prinzen. After Fabian Schütze was a guest on the Redfield Podcast for the first time in April 2020, his opinion is now being asked again. As a new regular guest, the founder of the music agency Golden Ticket and editor of the Low Budget High Spirit newsletter discusses current topics from the music industry with host Alexander Schröder.

After Spotify's "Stream On" event, both take a look at the streaming giant's new announcements. They think about where a platform like Bandcamp could go and whether it might make sense for Spotify, for example, to take it over. Schütze and Schröder look at new trends and promising start-up ideas from the music industry and analyze the sales structure for physical products, in which B2C plays an increasingly important role.

Listeners will also find out how Schütze and his company are doing after a year in Corona mode and what the VIA VUT Award nomination meant for him. He also reveals why he hasn't been on Clubhouse yet and what he thinks of the princes.