R#63 with Hannes Tschürtz, founder of Ink Music

Hannes Tschürtz

He calls Mike Patton when Tom Waits doesn't feel like it: Hannes Tschürtz, founder of Ink Music from Austria.

It's the last episode before Christmas and, among other things, it deals with the questions of how a song is actually chosen for a film, what still drives you after 30 years of music management and how you get Mike Patton's phone number.

Alexander Schröder talks to a protagonist from the Austrian cultural sector in the Redfield Podcast. Hannes Tschürtz began his journey as a DJ at the age of 16 and is now a respected music management expert in Austria. He was a juror at the Eurovision Song Contest, he was a co-founder of the music export office and music business training in his country. Above all, he is known as the founder and managing director of Ink Music, an important full-service agency for Austria's musicians. In this episode he also talks about Austria's awakening as a music market and the beginnings, of course up to the uncertain future shaped by the Corona year.

At the age of 16, Hannes probably didn't yet know what role he would play in the music landscape in Austria. Active at the renowned Oktoberfest festival early on, he set up his own business in his early 20s because the Austrian market - partly overshadowed by the German one - was still free and offered a lot of potential for expanding management and marketing. Ink Music is now booking, management, PR, marketing and publishing. Here Hannes talks about the difficult field of film music law. And although the renowned manager, speaker and lecturer hardly finds the time to enjoy music anymore, he likes to return to his DJ roots by creating extensive annual Spotify playlists with great passion.


(Photo: Markus Sandner)