R#62 with René Thomsen, founder of Backline Rental Service

René Thomsen

His father got him a job in a large disco and he quickly got hooked. After he met the first musicians at the concerts there, he suddenly found himself on tour. First as a roadie, then as a technician, later he switched the guitar effects for the rock stars and finally as a tour manager.

And so his area of ​​responsibility grew and the bands got bigger and bigger. In the Redfield Podcast, René Thomsen talks about tours with Ozzy Osbourne, Guns'n'Roses and many more. Anyone who deals with the founder of Backline Rental Service quickly realizes that he knows the international who's who of the metal and rock world.

Thanks to good contacts, starting his own company in 1994 was a little easier. Not happy with life on tour in the long term, René Thomsen developed his business model, which he talks about with Alexander Schröder.

After many years, his company is probably one of the oldest backline companies in Europe. Backline Rental Service works worldwide, putting together equipment for Jennifer Lopez and Enrique Iglesias, among others. René Thomsen reports on how he built his business and how it has grown to this point. He also talks about how he experienced the start of the Corona crisis, how he reacted immediately and how he feels about the situation now.

An exciting journey into a world behind the scenes of the stage. Especially with someone who can tell lots of anecdotes and who is an active musician himself.