R#59 with Maria Paz Caraccioli Gutierrez from “Without art and culture it will be quiet”

Maria Paz Caraccioli Gutierrez

The slogan and the photos of many cultural workers now appear on large banners throughout Germany and in more and more cities. Maria Paz Caraccioli Gutierrez is herself active in the art and culture scene in Lübeck. She reports in the Redfield Podcast about the trigger for the start of the initiative “Without art and culture it becomes quiet,” which she initiated.

Many thousands of people are affected and can no longer practice their jobs and at the same time there is a risk of cultural impoverishment. As a media partner, the Redfield Podcast accompanies the #lautermachen charity event, which will bring numerous national stars to a mixed reality stage for a telethon on December 12th and 13th and will be broadcast as a free concert stream. The money is intended to financially support the very people that Maria is now making visible on posters.

In an interview with Alexander Schröder, Maria explains why these people do not appear serious or accusatory, what she wants to achieve with her campaign and how the initiative can continue to help her industry in the future. She reports great public interest in the idea and a lot of positive feedback.

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